Aptitude Fitness

It comes down to how you approach your target

Is it going to be difficult and challenging? Or will it be a journey which your body will be tested every day to new limits whilst achieving success?

So which person are you?

Personal Training

Aptitude Fitness

Ben Stapleton (Founder of Aptitude Fitness) believes in keeping concentration & intensity levels high, the key is to keep you moving. Why let the body control the pace of the session, when to reach your goals you must go up and beyond the comfort point.

Aptitude Fitness provides a full 1-2-1 service, making sure you can follow your nutrition plan with ease because it is designed for you; and challenge yourself during your workout because it is tailored on your past history and future goals.

There is no reason why you should find exercising boring or difficult. Aptitude Fitness offers a range of different methods of training and a variety of equipment to provide you with the stepping stone to achieving your goal, whilst enjoying every moment of your journey.


  • Master Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Sports Conditioning Coach
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Nutrition & Weight Management advisor
  • Fit 2 Box

A bit about Ben

Favourite piece of equipment: TRX suspension trainer, because you can train every part of your body, but most importantly develop your core to withstand any type of movement or resistance.

Favourite Body part to train: Legs, because it’s my weakest area and therefore it motivates me to work harder to improve them. Dead lifts & Squats are my favourite.

Hobbies: I have played rugby from the age of 12, this has been one of main things which inspired me to become a personal trainer. After all, talent will win you a game, but the desire to work hard will win you a season. I also enjoy getting outside and running, my current favourite distance is 5 & 10km.

Specialist Area: Sport Specific & Body transformations.


Included in both gym based and home personal training:

  • Progress check up every month
  • Monthly new programmes
  • Monthly new nutrition plans
  • FREE Bonus session if targets are hit two months in a row

Gym Based Personal Training:

  • £35.00 per hour
  • 4 sessions - £135.00 (SAVE £5.00)
  • 8 sessions - £265.00 (SAVE £15.00)
  • 12 sessions - £385.00 (SAVE £35.00)

Home Personal Training:

  • £40.00 per hour
  • 4 sessions - £155.00 (SAVE £5.00)
  • 8 sessions - £305.00 (SAVE £15.00)
  • 12 sessions - £440.00 (SAVE £40.00)


How long will it take to see results? Aptitude Fitness offers monthly progress checks. This provides you the chance to see gains every month. Because after all, stepping onto the bathroom scales will not tell you the whole story! Weight, Body Fat & measurements can change every month, but you should give yourself 90 days to see a stabilised set of results.

I have never had personal training before, how does it work? You will first complete the required paperwork. Then your measurement etc will be taken. This will provide Aptitude Fitness with the information needed to design your nutrition plan & workout programme, then the fun begins.

How many times should I workout a week? Do as much as you can, it’s got to be something you can maintain, so working out seven times one week and two the next is not great. 2-4 sessions is a good way to start, that means a couple with Aptitude Fitness and a couple by yourself will help you achieve your goals quicker, and still give yourself enough recovery days.

Training Examples

Weight Management
Sport Specific Training
Muscle Development
Body Transformations

Aptitude Fitness uses a range of different pieces of equipment to achieve your goal. No more sitting on a resistance machine performing the same restricted movement, but instead using a variety of free moving equipment you are able to train and develop the muscles in a whole new intensity level.


Aptitude Fitness Testimonial

“Ben has trained me for the last 5 years and his motivation, diligence and attention to detail has kept training interesting and inspiring”


“I have accomplished far greater gains and progressed massively in all aspects due to his knowledge and ‘no excuses’ motivation, focusing both on my physical and nutritional outlook, as well as helping to push through those hardest final reps.”

Aptitude Fitness Testimonial
Aptitude Fitness Testimonial

“Ben constantly pushes, challenges and encourages me to go beyond my physical and sometimes mental limits…I feel great in myself and proud of what Ben has helped me achieve”


“Ben's motivation and enthusiasm is infectious… 16 months on and i’m fitter, stronger and more confident”

Aptitude Fitness Testimonial
Aptitude Fitness Testimonial

“Ben always makes my sessions challenging and varied. He is a great motivator and always pushes me to meet my targets”


“I have been training with Ben since he started his career as a PT. He has lots of patience and motivational skills that have kept me exercising for the last several years”

Aptitude Fitness Testimonial
Aptitude Fitness Testimonial

“My sessions have been tailored to focus on both areas (Lower back issues & poor posture), changing regularly to keep interesting and target all muscle groups, whilst benefiting the body as a whole…As an added extra, I’ve managed to take 6 mins off my 10K running time.”



Ben Stapleton

Tel: 07540 659018
Email: aptitudefitness@hotmail.com
Home Training - Essex & Hertfordshire
Gym base – Saffron Walden